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The Character of God
What is God really like? This site provides scriptural evidence of His true character.



Index page with short descriptions of the following pages:

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Biblical Principles (These pages cover the basic principles God operates on.)

Principles and Language of Heaven – series introduction
1. Love Cannot be Forced
2. Love Takes Responsibility
3. Love Wants to Share
4. Love Allows for Growth
The Hunter Illustration – a very good illustration of God’s accommodation applied
5. Love Respects Others
6. Love Keeps no Record of Wrongs

Biblical Events (including many difficult passages explained)

Detailed examinations of individual passages/incidents that affect an understanding of God’s character, listed in Biblical order. (Some of these pages are also glossary entries.)

Gen 2:17 – Thou Shalt Surely Die
Gen 6:13 – I Will Destroy Them with the Earth (The Flood)
Exo 4:10-16 – Moses Turns God Down
Exo 4:11 – Does the Lord Make People Blind?
Exo 4:24 – The Lord Sought to Kill Moses
Exo 17:9 – Israel Takes the Sword
Exo 20:5 – God Visits Iniquity on the Children
Exo 21:17 – Shall Surely be Put to Death for Cursing Parents
Exo 31:14 – Surely Put to Death for Defiling the Sabbath
That Soul Shall be Cut Off from Among His People
Num 14:29 – Your Carcasses Shall Fall
Num 16 – Korah’s Rebellion
Num 22 – Balaam and the Donkey
Deut 2:15 – The Hand of Lord was Against Them to Destroy
Deut 32:39 – God: “I kill”
1 Sam 15:3 – Go and Smite Amalek – utterly destroy
2 Sam 6:6-8 – The Breach of Uzzah
1 Kings 18-19 – Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
2 Kings 1 – Elijah and the Captains of 50
Were the Captains and Their Fifties Just “Put to Sleep”?
2 Chron 20:22 – The Lord Set Ambushments
Isa 58:12 – The Repairer of the Breach
Eze 18:20 – The Soul That Sinneth, It Shall Die
Zech 14:12 – Their Flesh Consumes Away – includes video version
Matt 10:28 – Fear Him Which is Able to Destroy
Matt 10:34 – I Came Not to Send Peace But a Sword
Matt 18:23-25 – The Unforgiving Servant
Matt 25:46 – Everlasting Punishment?
Matt 27:46 – Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Luke 16:19-31  The Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 22:35-38 – Let Him Buy a Sword (by Marilyn Campbell)
John 5:4 – Troubling of the Water
Acts 5:1-10 – Deaths of Ananias and Sapphira – includes video version
Acts 12:23 – Death of King Herod
Acts 13:6-12 – Elymas the Sorcerer
Rom 5:8-10 – Reconciled by Death; Saved by Life
Rom 5:12-21 – What is Romans 5 About?
Rom 9:15, 17 – Is God Partial?
1 Cor 3:17 – Him Shall God Destroy (by Troy Edwards, includes discussion of Biblical idioms)
1 Cor 13:5 – Thinketh no Evil
2 Cor 5:21 – “The Great Exchange”
Heb 9:22 – Without Shedding of Blood (video by Jeremy Myers)
Christian Consecration (by George Fifield)
Heb 10:19-20 – The Torn Veil = Jesus’ flesh?
Heb 10:26 – No Sacrifice for Willful sin
Heb 10:28 – He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy 
Heb 12:17 – Esau Prevented from Repenting?
Rev 5:5 – The Lion of the Tribe of Judah – coming as a lion or a lamb?
Rev 6:16 – Rocks, Fall on Us
Rev 8:7,8,10,12, 9:1,13, 11:15 – Seven Trumpets – destruction from God?
Rev 22:11 – He that is unjust, let him be unjust still – not allowed to change?

Biblical Examples (Collections of verses illustrating various topics)

God Takes the Blame/Responsibility – God says “I did it” when He clearly did not do the actual deed.
God’s Accommodations for Man – God meets people “where they are” while always honoring their free will.
The Wrath of God Pattern (acronym S-W-A-T) – a common sequence where God’s “wrath” is mentioned.
Satan is the Destroyer – if God does not protect, Satan causes death and destruction.
Sin Brings About its Own Destruction – sin results in or brings about its own punishment.
Isa 45:7 – I Create Evil – Bible students 100 years ago well understood this permissive idiomatic expression of God saying He did what He merely permitted or allowed.
God did not want sacrifices – but He gave them because man needed them.

Biblical Teachings (Including articles from guest authors)

Note: there are additional articles in other areas of this site, especially the Glossary section.

Cleansing the Sanctuary Series:
Deals with the cleansing mentioned in Daniel 8:14 “then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” It is included because, in the belief of many, the end will not come until the end-time servants of God are “purified and made white” (Dan 12:10) and “sealed … in their foreheads” (Rev 14:7:3) with the Father’s name (Rev 14:1) or His character. This series of studies is a detailed and practical look at how we can reflect God’s character. It can be downloaded as a PDF file (all 23 parts described below are included) here.

Part 1 – Daniel 8:14 – Introduction and index to the series – links to all parts.
2 – Sanctuary – definition – from the Character of God and the Gospel Glossary
3 – The Old Testament Sanctuary – illustrated the cleansing of the true sanctuary
4 – The Heavenly Sanctuary – to be cleansed or from where it was cleansed?
5 – The Earthly Sanctuary – the Earth itself will be cleansed but only later
6 – The True Sanctuary – to be cleansed for the habitation of God
7 – The Sanctuary of the Heart –  wisdom in the inward parts; the law in the heart
8 – The Sanctuary of the Mind – did you know that we have two minds?
9 – How Does the Mind Get Dirty? – the expected 5 senses and another important source
10 – The Timing of the Cleansing – prophesied by the prophet Daniel
11 – Is Cleansing the Same as Judgment? – does God actually judge us?
12 – The Books/Records of Heaven – from the Character of God and the Gospel Glossary
13 – A Being of Two Minds – and they both need cleansing
14 – Humanity’s First Infection – the original sin was not eating a piece of fruit
15 – The Motivation of Love – the strongest motivation there is
16 – Renewing the Mind – the term sinful flesh is really referring to the mind
17 – A Completely Clear Conscience – what a blessing that would be! It’s possible
18 – Cleansing by the Word – how the church and we are to be cleansed
19 – Mopping Up the Mess – can I actually stop sinning?
20 – Thy Way is in the Sanctuary – God’s way of what?
21 – Benefits of Cleansing – the benefits extend to the whole universe
22 – The Kingdom of God – not where you might think it is
23 – A Fit Temple – when God inhabits the sanctuary will He take over maintenance?

Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew Perspective (by Jeff Benner) – understanding the Hebrew words
Am I Like God or is God Like Me? – the accommodation principle
Challenge for the Skeptic – are you open-minded enough to take a look?
Dictionary, the Bible is its Own – let the Bible define its own terms
Divine Recession – (by Kevin Straub) God’s response in respect of our free will

George Fifield 1897 Sermons:
1. On Isaiah 53:3
2. On Hebrews 9:22
3. On John 12:24-25

History of the Character of God Message
Interpreting Scripture – many errors in understanding God’s character result from misinterpretation
Jesus in the Old Testament Part 1 – Was Jesus the Yahweh of the Old Testament?
King David and the Wars of Israel – an illustration of the accommodation principle
Prophecy, God’s Character is a Key to (by Frank Zimmerman)
Sword, the Law of the (by Emmanuel Eshun)
Sword, Israel Chooses the – one nation (Israel) chooses to take the sword
Sword, Israel Refuses the – one man (Israel) chooses not to take the sword

Timing of Jesus’ Resurrection:
In the Heart of the Earth – the timing of Jesus’ resurrection as determined by allowing the Bible to define its own terms – it was NOT on a Sunday. This truth will be of great significance in the future when Sunday-observance laws are promoted. (Hint – this is where climate-related lock downs are headed.)
Out of the Abundance of the Heart – supplemental page for study above.
The Wednesday Crucifixion Theory – shows 22 problems with this scenario.

Vengeance (by Floyd Phillips)
William Miller’s Rules – 14 very important 18th-century rules for Bible study.
Witnesses for God – text of 1897 sermon by Ellet J. Waggoner showing an understanding God’s character.
Your God Looks Too Soft (by Emmanuel Eshun) Really? Here is real Strength!


Contributors to the character-of-God message. The page linked above gives a short mention of each, links below lead to individual profile pages which include some background, links to their websites, contact information etc.

Bowen, Rose
Boyd, Greg
Campbell, Marilyn
Cinquemani, Paul
Cole, Brad and Dorothee
Coleman, Gary
Douglin, Elliot
Ebens, Adrian
Edwards, Troy
Fifield, George
Eshun, Emmanuel
Foucher, Ray
Grant, Ozzie and Denice
Lorencin, David and Kelley
Jennings, Timothy
Kalua, Bobby
Maxwell, Graham
Milekic, Tony
Mock, Bradley and Christa
Montgomery, Herb
Myers, Jeremy
Nyasani, Wycliffe
Pacheco Jr., Pablo
Paulien, Jon
Phillips, Floyd
Robinson, Dwight and Cindy
Sager, Ed
Sande, Oscar
Schulberg, Jay
Sheldon, Jean
Straub, Don
Straub, Kevin
Thompson, Alden
Turner, Sherlene
Waggoner, Ellet J.
Wright, Fred
Zahnd, Brian
Zimmerman, Frank


The major diagrams (over 20) from this site all on one page each with a link to where it is used. Remember: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


To get the meaning of the message you need
to know the meaning of the words it uses.

Biblical idioms (discussion by Troy Edwards) Idioms are important to understand for a number of terms in the glossary.


  • Main glossary entry pages are followed by “definition.”
  • Words treated with another entry are indicated by “see …”
  • Supporting pages are listed (and indented) below their definition pages.
  • Supplemental terms (not found in the Bible) are indicated.
  • Further words will be added as definitions are completed.

Accuser – definition
Anger  – see wrath
Appease – definition
Arbitrary (supplemental term)
Arrows – definition (includes lightning)
Atonement – definition
Believe – definition
Biblical Healing Model – (supplemental term)
Blood – definition
Sacrifices not desired
Blot – definition
Books – definition
Born again – definition
Breach – definition
Breach of Uzzah
Repairer of the Breach
Brightness – definition
Chastening of the Lord – definition
Command – definition
Can God Command Love?
Condemnation – definition
Judge Not, that Ye be Not Judged
Conscience – definition
Consequence, Natural (supplemental term)
Consumed – definition
Consumed, all uses
Covenant – definition
Cross – definition
Crucifixion – definition
The Backward Prayer – by Robert Wieland
Curse – definition
Cut Off – definition
Soul That Sins Dies – meaning of Ezekiel 18:20
Destroy/Destruction – definition
Destroyer – definition
The Destroyer Illustrated 
Discomfited – definition (includes pricks)
Dispensation – definition
Eternal, Everlasting, Forever – definition

Faith – see Believe
Fear – definition
Fire – definition
Forgiveness – definition
Did Jesus Feel Forsaken on the Cross?
Forsake – definition
Glory – definition
Gospel – definition
Guilt – see shame
Hardened – definition
How Hearts are Hardened
Hell – definition
Hiding the Face – definition
Holy – definition
Hornets – definition
Humility of God – definition
Intercession – definition
Intercessor – definition
Jealous God – definition
Judgment – definition
Does God Judge Us or Do We Judge Him?
Just (as in “a just man”) – definition
Just (as in “God is just”) – definition
Justice – definition
The Types of Justice
The “Stoning” of David
Every Use of the Word “Justice”
What About “an Eye for an Eye”?
Justice by David Lorencin
Justification (includes justified) – definition
Abraham’s Justification – by faith or by works?
Kill (includes murder) – definition
Ten Commands or Ten Promises?
Kingdom of God – definition
Law – definition
Gospel Models and the Role of Law Includes video version.
Keeping the Law
Is Salvation a Legal Matter? by Kent
Law, design (natural) (supplemental term)
Law, imposed (supplemental term)
Legalism (supplemental term)
Lightning  – see arrows
Lion of the tribe of Judah – definition
Psychological Projection
What Will the Second Coming be Like?
Longsuffering – definition
Love – definition
Can God Command Love?
Mark – definition
Mercy – definition
Mystery (of God) – definition
Name – definition
Sacred Names – Important to Use?
Of the Lord – definition
Overthrow – definition
Penal substitution (supplemental term)
Perfection – definition
Price – see ransom
Pricks – see discomfited
Probation – not in the Bible but the concept is
Propitiation – definition
Punishment – definition
Matthew 25:46 – Everlasting Punishment
Ransom – definition (includes price and redeemed)
Recompense – definition
Reconciliation – definition
Romans 5:8-10
Redeemed – see ransom
Remission – definition
Repentance – definition
Righteousness – definition
Sacrifice – definition
Sacrifices not desired
Sanctuary – definition
Sanctification – definition
Sealed, Sealing – definition
Second Death – definition
Did Jesus Die the Second Death?
Sent – definition
Shame (includes guilt) – definition
Sin – definition
Romans 5:12-21
Sin, made to be – definition
Sinner – definition
Smite, Smote – definition
Smote in the New Testament – looks at every use
Sovereignty – definition
Strange act – definition
Surely die – definition
Surely put to death – Exodus 21:17
The Soul that Sins Shall Die – Eze 18:20
Sword – definition and discussion of Matt 10:34
Traditional Legal Model (supplemental term)

Trust – see Believe
Veil – definition
Satan’s Veil of Deception
Vengeance – definition
John the Baptist – misunderstood God’s Vengeance
Visit – definition
Works – definition
Wrath (includes anger) – definition


Past issues archived

Page Index

This page, index to the site.

Questions and Answers

This section is for the more philosophical (why?-type) questions that don’t relate to a single passage. Questions need to be brief, to the point and on a single topic. They may be edited for clarity. Not all questions may be answered due to time constraints or if the answer appears elsewhere on this site. Submit questions using the contact form.

Q&As posted so far:
Is God Mad at Me?
Vengeance on Ex-Boyfriend?
Why This Sense of Justice?


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Character of God Videos – videos of group studies on various character-of-God topics

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Power Point Presentation Videos – videos of Power Point Presentations

Revelation Videos – videos of group studies on the character of God in the book of Revelation

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