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Frank Zimmerman

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Frank Zimmerman
Frank Zimmerman

Frank Zimmerman describes his spiritual journey on this website. His searching eventually led him to the Sabbath Rest Advent Church and an interest in the work of Fred Wright who was a real pioneer in the understanding of the character of God.

Frank is presently webmaster for the site www.practicaprophetica.com which is continuing Fred’s message. It has a large number of audios, books and downloadable resources from Fred’s work and other early pioneers on this topic.

The site also has a collection of Frank’s own studies on the character of God and other topics.

Here is a portion of the introduction to his website:

“Prophecy should never be an abstract, speculative, or fanatical branch of religion. It is only so when studied apart from the practical teachings of the gospel. This site is called Practica Prophetica because it will pursue this aim, of studying prophecy in the light of the gospel. The study of prophecy will then become a practical, life-changing power.

What is prophecy? It is the study of future events. It is the forward-looking eyes of the church, whereby she can perceive and prepare for what is coming. It is also an important evidence of the divine nature of God, for only He whose infinite mind can comprehend and calculate the effect of every force and action upon the earth, can predict how they will interact and work themselves out.

And what is the gospel? It is God’s great plan to heal the wounds that sin has made in the universe, and to restore a correct understanding of His character of beauty to all whose understanding has been darkened by rebellion, hypocrisy, tradition and false teaching.”

Read the guest article God’s Character: A Key to Prophecy  on this site.

Frank can be contacted via his website.