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Sherlene Turner

Contributors disclaimerSherlene Turner operates the website www.doublemindedgod.com/ which has a very good table comparing the character of God with the character of Satan.

Her Quick Bible Quiz points out some serious (apparent) contradictions in the Bible but the site has some good articles that help to resolve them. All are downloadable as PDF files.

Here is the introduction to an article that focuses on the law as a special target of Satan:

The Target

This article presents why Satan is so urgently attacking God’s law and how the devil has managed to succeed in deceiving so many Christians about the importance of the law of God. God is love. ie. His character is loving. God’s law is a transcript of His loving character, but Satan is attempting to paint God’s character as evil. He is doing this by twisting the truth about the law of God. Satan wants God’s law of love to be seen, not as a protective shield, but as an object of fear and as a burden.

Law that protects

There is a contact form on the website.

Sherlene is also the moderator for a Facebook group (Does the Christian God Destroy Sinners?) that focuses on the character of God.