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Appreciation for the characterofGod.org Website

This page lists some feedback from readers expressing recognition of this site and appreciation for the wonderful message of the truth about the character of God. While all the praise goes to our loving God, I do want to build up the credibility of this site to increase its reach and influence. The comments below show that people appreciate the truth of God’s character. Everyone needs to know what He is really like. Here are some comments I have received:

“I just subscribed. I am still looking forward to looking deeper into your site when I get a chance. What you’re doing is awesome! There aren’t many sites out there spreading this message, but I hope it explodes and the truth about God lights up the earth.” – B.K. (Oregon, U.S.A.)

“The many resources and information on this site is amazing … there is so much to check out and which I am so grateful for. I requested and received from you M.M. Campbell’s book Light On The Dark Side Of God, was so blessed by it I got on Amazon and purchased 2 more copies to share with loved ones. I have subscribed to this view of God for quite sometime but with all of the input from all of those contributing on this site is helping me to find the voice to shout out in a more committed determination of sharing this beautiful, wonderful truth of the character of God.  Thank you and Gods’ continued Blessings on you and yours. – B.S. (Colorado, U.S.A.)

“Thanks for what you are doing! Just came across your website, and have passed it on to a Facebook group of about 200 that is passionate about God’s character! Expect some more traffic!” – G.G. (U.S.A.)

“Since I found this site it has really been a blessing. It has shown a different side of God to me and I tell people about God the way he really is vs. what people normally believe. Thanks for your hard work.” – G.M. (North Carolina, U.S.A.)

“I have received the book “Light on the Dark Side of God” and I want thank for the kindness and love shown me. I am really grateful. I am really thrilled. Posted all the way from Canada to Ghana? Wow! God richly bless you and your ministry. I will do my best to share all that I learn from this wonderful gift with others. I cannot wait to finish reading. Thank you.” – H.A. (Ghana)

“Hi Ray! I came to your website through a google search on Exodus 4:11. I am involved in a bible study where this verse has left some concern as to whether or not God makes people blind, mute etc. This type of verse can leave a person questioning the goodness of God. Thankfully my google search landed me on your site which provided a great explanation. These niggling seeds of doubt about God’s goodness can take root and possibly become a crisis of belief if not straightened out. So thank you for making your research available!” – N.C. (Ontario, Canada)

“Hi Ray. Thank you for this brilliant newsletter. Such brilliant information. Much appreciated. God is leading you.  I pray blessings for you and for the peace of Jesus in your heart. Would you please share this info with … Thank you again so much.” – S.T. (Australia)

“Hello Ray. I am truly grateful to God for helping me to discover your site. Your write ups have been a great blessing to me. So many hard to understand truths, like this one on the anger of the Lord have been opened to me. I thank you so much for allowing God to use you like this. I love your work. God bless you sir. Please how can I send questions to you on areas I may need more light?” – T.A. (Nigeria)

“I have waited all my life of almost 74 years for this material.” – M.B. (Illinois, U.S.A.)

“Thank you for your website. It has helped my preaching, and my own experience.” T.C. (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Dear Ray, thank you for your e-mail and your response to my request to download the free e-book.

I live in ______ in South Africa. We had listened to a sermon from a well known and trusted preacher on Acts 5:1-11. He is currently doing a series on prosperity and used these verses to enforce the importance that God places on tithing and offerings and serious consequences that could follow as God is also a God of wrath. Red signs went up for me and I knew this was not God’s nature. Got Questions when I Googled them, also had it all wrong, Andrew Wommack on his living bible commentary did not have much to say so I kept searching and I found your website. You explained it perfectly in accordance with God’s Word and it made perfect sense to me and brought even more truths to light.

Reading some of the comments people submit and the patience with which you answer questions really impressed me. Then even with the clarity you provide, backed by scriptures it is inconceivable that people still want to add their own opinions.

In your link, I read the one about Herod’s cause of death too and that was just so interesting the background info you provided filled in all the gaps. You mentioned you had written something about the Lake of Fire and I tried to find it but cannot. Would you please forward that link to me if possible?

Thank you for the wonderful pieces you write. I have forwarded it to many people and they too have been blessed by your work.

Kind regards and blessings on all you do. –  L.F. (South Africa)

I’m excited that I stumbled upon your website. I’ve been praying that God would help me know Him better … know Him more. He is a GREAT God!!! – L.M. (Ohio, U.S.A.)

Hi Ray – greetings from the UK & wishing you a blessed & peaceful New Year.

Thank you so very much for this newsletter, as it has meant a great deal to me. I’ve read through the entire email, & was prompted to read ALL of this excellent article – ‘Biblical Forgiveness: Are there two types?’

I am greatly indebted to you Ray, for this article, as I’ve been much burdened recently about my past sinful life as a back-slider, but returned to our Lord in true repentance, confession & tears just a couple of years ago.

I was saved & baptized in my teens, but later in my working life drifted away from God, the Church, prayer & Bible reading. I didn’t reject God or stop believing in Him, but lead a life of dreadful sin.

I recently heard a well known & respected Bible teacher talk about ‘Once saved, always saved?’ & stated that we can lose our salvation if we continue in sin after conversion. This very much disturbed me, but your article gave me hope that I need to accept that God HAS forgiven me & that I need to fully believe that fact, & try to forgive myself – something I’ve struggled with, and the weight of guilt.

I’ve spent much time in prayer about this, asking God to cleanse me & restore to me the peace & joy He alone can give. I’d welcome any thoughts Ray, & especially prayers.

Thank you again for this work you’re doing & may our Lord richly bless you. In Christ, – C. C. (England)

Thanks very much – That address info is correct and I look forward to reading the book! I was THRILLED to come across your website while desperately searching Google in an attempt to better understand God’s heart in the story of Korah. What a TREASURE TROVE of great explanations and resources – I look forward to returning to read more again and again. Blessings, – Anneli

Hello Ray,

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I was doing some studying and reading up on God’s vengeance vs what the world and the most of the Christian community at large sees as vengeance when I came across your post through a Google search. Your take resonates with me and seems compatible with God’s Character so I thought I’d request a copy of the Biblical Forgiveness book.

God bless you, your family and ministry throughout this year. Regards, – Sherman S. (Chicago, IL)

Thank you for your website. It has helped my preaching, and my own experience. – Thomas C. (Pennsylvania)

Hi Ray. THANKS a lot for your quick response. Yes, I would love to have the books and any other material that I can read. I was searching about the character of God and just get into your website, and for that I am thankful. I have been busy reading very fascinating things. This is new for me and I am enjoying SO MUCH what I have been learning about our beautiful God. THANKS for what you do to spread the Word. I’ll be forever grateful. – Martha P. (Florida)

Hi Ray.

I came across your website while searching online for a broader interpretation of what God’s wrath really means. I am aware that, in the words of St Augustine, “whatever we think God is, God is more”; so, if I believe (as I definitely do) that God is love, then God is even more than my best understanding of love!

It’s refreshing to read your understanding of God’s character. Not so much that God is love BUT, rather that God is love PERIOD. Whatever God’s wrath does mean, it has to be informed by God’s essential character of very Love Itself.

Please let me encourage you that your work is having such a positive influence on people like me who need to go deeper than much of the more traditional teaching. Love and blessings in Jesus. – Stephen E. (Great Britain)

If you appreciate the information on this site, please especially share about it with others. – Ray