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Oscar Sande

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Oscar SandeOscar Sande, originally from Spain, lives in the state of Victoria, Australia where he works as a clinical nutritionist (www.nufoodsteps.com.au). He has degrees in health sciences and nutritional medicine as well as a degree in theology and ministry from Avondale College.

Oscar has a great experience and a wonderful, encouraging message of trust in our amazing God of love.

He has a number of videos on the character of God. The series include:

War of Inheritance (5 videos)

Story of possessed girl. Example of the potters field and year of Jubilee. Jesus purchased the field of the world but we can be left out of the inheritance if we take our name from the book of inheritance.

The Atheist God  (7 videos)

“These 7 presentations are to this day the most important message that I have ever presented. The true character of God is the glory that illuminates the whole earth in the time of deepest darkness (Revelation 18:1-4)”

You can view part 1 of The Atheist God right here: