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Kevin Mullins

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Kevin MullinsKevin Mullins is an editor and content developer for fatheroflove.info. He began learning about the truth concerning the character of God several years ago, but it has been in these last couple of years when greater insights have been presented and have become the capstone to the foundation. Kevin resides in Maine USA, divorced, and has three children.

Kevin has written the book Father of Love which, as the cover suggests, provides a picture of a loving God that really helps in “removing the veil of fear and condemnation” that many people associate with God. Here is an excerpt from the first page:

“AltFather of Lovehough we will not be able to answer every question you may have about the character of God, this whole book is my testimony to the undeniable fact that ‘God is love’ (1 John 4:8) and that by this love I have experienced a deep change in my life which fuels me to become a better father, friend, ex-husband, brother, employee, and son.”

Father of Love can be downloaded from the resources page.

 He has also co-authored several others, including the newest, The Crucifixion of Christ in the Days of Noah and Lot. Many people refer to the Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as “proof” that God directly destroys sinners. This book reveals the truth of what really happened and God’s role in those events.

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