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What this Website is About

The .org extension of this site’s URL reflects its aim to provide some organization of information related to the topic of the character of God. While teaching on the topic itself, it also presents information on others who are teaching on the topic and resources for further information. An important contribution is the Character of God and the Gospel Glossary in which Biblically-based definitions of important terms are presented.

This site is designed to: 

  • teach about the character of God
  • show people where they can learn more
  • help provide resources for other teachers of this message
  • encourage those teachers to learn from each other

Use this site as a resource to find information about this topic and to connect with many other sources. Reading the descriptions below of the navigation links on the top of this site’s pages will help you see how to use it.

About tells about me (Ray Foucher), my position, other promoters of this message, the message itself and this site.

Articles lists the various articles (including guest articles) appearing on this site.

Biblical Events provides links to specific Biblical passages and events especially those which would seem troublesome in coming to an accurate understanding of God’s character.

Biblical Examples are topical lists of Bible passages that are examples of particular character-of-God-related topics. For example, there is a list of verses showing that Satan (not God) is the destroyer. Another lists verses demonstrating that sin naturally results in destruction and death. These will be added to as I find new examples.

Contributors lists people who have made or are making significant contributions and providing resources to further our understanding of the character of God. For each one there is a link to a brief profile giving some background, some of the resources they offer including websites from which their contact information is available.

Glossary – this lists words for which definitions are provided. These are, as far as possible based on how the Bible itself defines and uses words.  It concentrates on words that are important to correctly understand God’ character and the gospel itself.

Index lists the publicly-available pages on this site.

Q&A this includes answers to questions not related to a particular passage – the more general, philosophical questions.

Resources lists some available materials including audios, e-books, Facebook groups, tracts and videos. Many others are available on the websites of individual contributors. Here I list resources I have produced and ones I particularly recommend.

Contact how to contact me, Ray Foucher, the originator and webmaster of this site. I appreciate knowing of any typos etc.

In the right column you will also see a number of features:

You can Search This Site (box in upper right of pages) if, for instance, you want to see if a particular topic or word or verse is mentioned.

Please sign up for the News and Information (upper right of any page). Newsletters have been about every three months and notice of new blog posts come as they are posted. These will keep you informed of new material and events concerning the topic of the character of God.

Various books are shown here that may be requested for free and postage paid. Other free materials are shown on the Resources page.

The Remedy is a New Testament Expanded paraphrase written from the understanding of the Healing Model of the Gospel.

Please also make use of the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the screen and tell others about this site.

The source of Greek and Hebrew word meanings most used on this site is The Online Bible. Strong’s numbers are often referred to on this site each preceded by a “G” (for Greek words) or an “H” (for Hebrew words).

Think of this site as a hub of information to begin to connect to the information available about the character of God. I recognize that there is much more than what I have included but more will be added and users can also suggest sources of information.