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Wycliffe Nyasani

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Wycliffe Nyasani discovered the truth about the non-condemning and non-violent character of God in 2019. He is a now a passionate missionary and Bible evangelist in Kenya.

Wycliffe is the founder and director of Christ Our Standard Ministries. The ministry conducts gospel crusades, literature distribution and organized Bible study conferences.

Besides working in his ministry, Wycliffe and his family spend their time spreading the messages of our loving God on Social media platforms such as the Facebook Group “Does God kill?” which he founded in 2020. This group is designed to promote Character of God messages in different forms including sharing articles and books, especially to the audience who have heard that God does not kill, but have not been privileged to understand the principles behind this Controversy.

You may be like many who have merely heard that some Christians believe God does not Kill, but have never understood the foundation of such a radical position. Wycliffe invites you to visit his Facebook group to consider their testimony and weigh the evidence. (https://www.youtube.com/@christourstandardministrie627)

He also has quite a number of videos on You Tube such as this one on the Lake of Fire, final destruction and Character of God, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMRf-ovBkZ0

Wycliffe Nyasani is available in Kenya and surrounding areas to supply study materials (hard copy) or conduct in-person Bible studies. Contact Wycliffe via the ministry’s contact information on the website https://www.christourstandardministries.org

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