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Paul Cinquemani

Contributors disclaimerPaul Cinquemani

Paul wrote the book Oh My God which is available as a free download from his website. Here is a description from there.

“What at treat!   Get ready readers!   ‘OH MY GOD!’ is an extraordinary update of the long forgotten story of God as taught in the 19th century! ‘Sounds boring…’ you say?   It’s anything but boring!   How prominent theologians, TV Evangelists, members of the ministry, priests, etc. have missed and lost such an important view is scandalous!   Mr. Cinquemani’s familiarity with the Bible and his ability to relate the hardest, most disgusting passages contained in it to the constant, unchanging love of God is astounding!   “The gospel according to a CPA!”   A simple, humble laymen lays out in these pages the God we’re all looking for! Of course, he fails in making his work readily “understandable by a fifth-grader”.   But his approach is based upon a simple premise and his presentation is direct…in mostly common everyday language…making the topic fun and retentive.   The reason it seems so hard in the first going is because of the preconceived ideas put in our heads by our early acquaintance with religion.”

Oh My God coverPaul’s book is written with just a touch of humor. For instance, somehow he managed to get this book review from someone with the same first name:

“Nice book. I really like this guy’s first name! But if you’re after the truth about God, just read my letter to the Romans already.” – The Apostle Paul

Paul can be contacted via his website which is www.ohmygodonline.com