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Floyd Phillips

Floyd PhillipsFloyd says of his early years that he had a very active conscience and the concept of an angry, stern-faced God – a combination that produced mental torment. Later, he was strongly impressed to read his Bible through and question everything he had been taught. Doing that, he discovered a startling revelation of God’s love. He is now a passionate Bible student anxious to share this good news with any who will listen.

Floyd has also contributed by helping to edit two significant books on the topic of God’s character – by authors Bill Chambers and Marilyn Campbell who are both also contributors on this site.

While he spent most of his life in construction and related fields, his great joy now is knowing about God’s better-than-we-could-imagine character.

You can read Floyd’s blog at: https://www.blogger.com/profile/15811502760379647181 and listen to his sermons presented at his church at: http://www.mattoonsdachurch.org/media

Floyd also has a Dictionary of Religious Word and Terms which can help our understanding of Bible terminology

(http://clayfootsteps.blogspot.com/2006/01/dictionary-of-religious-word-and-terms.html )

There is also an article on this site about vengeance https://characterofgod.org/vengeance/   written by Floyd.