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I appreciate a small group of individuals who support this website and its message in many ways. Here are some of the activities we are engaged in.

Book Distribution

Beginning in 2009, books have been sent to people around the world free of charge. These were requested initially from my other website https://www.jesus-resurrection.info and, since 2015, also from this website. Books have been sent to a total of 77 countries.

The current list of available books is shown at: https://characterofgod.org/resources#books. That page also lists other resources.

Book Translation

An associated organization, Maranatha Media (https://maranathamedia.com), has undertaken to translate two of my booklets Biblical Forgiveness (into 7 languages) and The Lake of Fire and the Second Death (into 4 languages).

Through contacts made via this website, we have also begun arranging translations and having books printed in other countries for use by the translators and others. We have completed two translations with a third underway and others planned.

 Evangelism Support

Providing books (and tracts) in local languages has helped support evangelistic efforts in different countries.


An evangelistic effort in May 2023 resulted in over 100 baptisms. The message of God’s free forgiveness in the book Biblical Forgiveness translated into Ekegusii by Evans Onkoba and his team was appreciated by many. Here are some images.

box of books
Box of books for evangelism in Kenya


Evans distributing books
Our associate Evans Onkoba distributing books


people with books
Happy people with books in their own language


Man reading Biblical Forgiveness
Man reading Biblical Forgiveness (Okwaberwa ase Ebibiria)


two preachers
Preaching in the open air


baptisms in Kenya



Evangelism planned for 2023 will include sharing Biblical Forgiveness translated into Twi by Danny Mispah and other materials. Copies have been printed and a number shared already.


Biblical Forgiveness in Twi


People with copies of Biblical Forgiveness


Members outside their church

On-line studies via Zoom

Currently, we have interactive group Bible studies on Sabbath mornings via Zoom. These are always conducted with the true character of God in mind. Many of these studies have been looking at various Biblical terms that are misunderstood in relation to the character of God. After editing, the material is added to the Character of God and the Gospel Glossary. Also, we have begun going through the book of Revelation with a goal to identify how the true character of an ever-merciful and non-violent God impacts an understanding of its message. This is going to be quite a revelation. Videos of some of our sessions are available at: https://www.youtube.com/@characterofGodvideos