This page lists many resources that provide more information on character-of-God related subjects. Note that there are a variety of people/sources listed from various denominational backgrounds and beliefs. Items are included here based on representation of a better view of God’s character. There may be some resources listed here that include some points neither you nor I can totally agree with. Study for yourself.

Note that much more can be accessed from the websites of individual contributors listed on this site.

Books, Audio Books and E-books

Acts of Our Gentle GodActs of Our Gentle God

by Jay A. Schulberg. The glorious dawning of a new day on the character of God. Acts of Our Gentle God presents compelling evidence from the Bible to exonerate God of the charges that he is uncaring, judgmental, controlling, unfair, bad-tempered, or violent. The book demonstrates that the entire Bible, correctly understood, is in harmony with the definitive statement “God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

This book is a very good introduction to the concept of a non-violent God.

Audio book (3 hr, 35 min)

E-book   (1.0 mb pdf; 124 p)

Download e-book in other languages:

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Hard Copy (English only) click here for more information on obtaining this book – FREE in Canada and the U.S.

Agape A Revelation of the Father’s Character of Love


by Adrian Ebens. Jesus said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” How could this be possible? Could it be true that God is truly merciful, gracious and kind as revealed in the life of Jesus? Can this dilemma really be resolved while remaining faithful to the words of Scripture? This book is a key to unlocking this enigma.

This book deals with some challenging concepts such as:

  • Why Command Stoning Sinners?
  • The Law as a Mirror
  • The Everlasting Covenant and the Ministration of Death

Audio book listen on line by chapter

E-book   (2.1 mb pdf; 290 p)

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Hard Copy click here for more information on obtaining this book – FREE in Canada and the U.S.

Biblical ForgivenessBiblical Forgiveness: Are There Two Types?

by Ray Foucher.  This study shows, by looking at the original words, that forgiveness is a two-part transaction. God forgives every sin, the question is whether or not we receive that forgiveness. There are actually different Greek words for forgiveness granted and forgiveness received. One is always unconditional while the other is always conditional.

E-book (599 kb pdf; 44 p) Revised 2020 edition

Download e-book in other languages (Note that these are translations of the 2013 first edition. If reading them, please bear in mind that I have a better understanding now of the character of God – forgiveness is more about healing the relationship than dealing with sin in a legal sense.):

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  Hard Copy click here for more information on obtaining this book – FREE

Cleansing of the SanctuaryThe Cleansing of the Sanctuary

by Ray Foucher This study examines the topic of the cleansing of the sanctuary as mentioned in Daniel 8:14: “then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” That has long been regarded as a process of cleansing heaven’s record books of the record of our sins – a judicial process in the final judgment. Here, a careful evaluation is made of what the Bible says about the sanctuary and exploration is made of the meaning of important words to come to a better understanding of the cleansing process.

The cleansing of your sanctuary involves the “renewing of your mind” (Rom 12:2) especially in regard to your understanding of and attitude towards God so that you may become a fit vessel or sanctuary for the indwelling of the Spirit of God. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27) and reflecting the character of God in your life is the goal.

E-book (2165 kb; 171 p) August 2020

Book cover of Light on the Dark Side of GodLight on the Dark Side of God

by Marilyn Campbell. Hard copies of the newly-edited, condensed version are available from this website (for Free) – see link on right column.  Reveals a trail of Biblical clues leading to an amazing and wonderful new picture of God. A few of the questions from the back cover:

  • Why would a loving God burn humans eternally for the sins of one short lifetime?
  • How did the gentle Jesus perfectly reflect the “fire-breathing” Old Testament God who, according to Scripture, He came to reveal?
  • How can a “killing” God tell humans “Thou shalt not kill” and yet to pattern their character after His low?

E-book (588 kb pdf; 97 p) 2003 edition

E-book (789 kb pdf; 115 p) 2018 edition, condensed

Hardcopy FREE (including postage) Click here for a form to request the book.

The Cross Was HellThe Cross Was Hell

by Loren James relates the sufferings of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross of Calvary to hellfire and the second death. Jesus experienced the full wrath of God against sin so that we don’t have to!

This book includes a view into our heavenly Father’s heart; the war between good and evil; the relation between suffering and freedom; the essence of sin and hell fire; a guide to Christian unity and Bible interpretation, all from the point of view of the cross.

Ebook (975 kb pdf; 168 p)

The Remedy New TestamentThe Remedy, 2nd Edition

by Timothy Jennings. The second edition of this expanded paraphrase in everyday English is updated with over 1,000 edits from the first edition. Written from the perspective of salvation as a matter of healing rather than as a matter of legal standing. Very good for understanding God’s Remedy for our sin problem.

On-line access index to find book, chapter and verse; first edition

Hard Copy second edition; from Amazon

Hard copy, case lots second edition; from Come and Reason Ministry

The Lake of Fire and the Second Death

Lake of Fire coverby Ray Foucher. An in-depth study about identity of the Lake of Fire and the nature of the Second Death.  Also available as a video – see The Lake of Fire and the Second Death in the video section below. Revelation 21:8 says the Lake of Fire is the Second Death so the two very much need to be considered together.

This study makes an interesting connection between:

“… their flesh … eyes … tongue shall consume away” (Zech 14:12)


“… the lust of the flesh … lust of the eyes … pride of life (often expressed via the tongue) (1 John 2:16)


Jesus’ three temptations (Matthew 4) which can be similarly classified.

Ebook (1012 kb pdf; 36 pages, May 2020 version)

In the Heart of the Earth : The Secret Code that Reveals What is in the Heart of God

Heart of the Earth coverby Ray Foucher Here is perhaps the ultimate code.  Dark forces have worked for centuries and are still trying to keep these secrets hidden.  This book uses the Bible itself to decipher some key phrases and discover their deepest meaning.  Uncovered are gems of truth that you may not read of anywhere else.  You will learn some amazing answers to questions regarding Jesus’ resurrection:

  • Three Days and Three Nights – When did Jesus Himself say this period would start?  Was it literally three days and three nights as He said?  When did it end?  Biblical clues point to a much different answer than tradition suggests.
  • In the Heart of the Earth – Just where was this located?  The answer, from the Bible itself, is surprising and not what most have understood.  The phrase will take on a much greater and personal significance for you.
  • He Saw and Believed – What did John see in the tomb to convince him Jesus had been raised when shortly before he understood grave robbers had been there first?  Something unique about the grave clothes convinced him of the resurrection.
  • His Resurrection on the Lord’s Day – Did the event of Jesus’ Resurrection occur on His day?  What are the implications for Sunday sacredness?
  • The Heart of the Matter – How far will God go in allowing us to have the desire of our hearts?  Does He always allow us to have our free will?  Ponder the most important questions about how the significance of “in the heart of the earth” applies to you personally.

The conclusion makes a very profound and strong connection to the character of God.

Available in hard copy (155 pages) or contact me and specify your request for a 1.8mb PDF (and some supplemental files of new research to go with it.)

Will America Survive?

This is becoming a question in more and more minds as the debt rises, the crises mount and the divisions widen. From the back cover:

“History is littered with the wrecks of grand civilizations. Many believe America has reached, perhaps surpassed, the zenith of her greatness – that she is destined to become a second-rate world power.

Millions more believe American is on the brink of economic and moral ruin, and may lead the world into nuclear Armageddon, attempting to hold her position of power and prestige.

Here are fascinating predictions about America, and surprising conclusions about what the future may hold.”

Note that this book has been published under a variety of other titles. Originally titled The Great Controversy, it has also been titled America in Prophecy. As I have a limited supply, I am asking (at least for now) that if you already have a copy please leave this limited supply for those who do not already have a copy.

Will America Survive?  is available here. This book is not so much directly about the character of God but it is very important considering the time and circumstances we find ourselves in. It gives the historical background that helps to make sense of events in the world and especially in the United States at present. A careful reader will see the connection to the character of God.

Other Books by Ray Foucher

(not all directly related to character-of-God issues)

Cover Jesus BirthThe Date of Jesus’ Birth – this study looks at evidence for the true date of Jesus’ birth. It was definitely not on December 25. (14 pages)

Cover-Nisan-14Is Nisan 14 the Feast of Passover? – shows that Nisan 14 is not the Feast of Passover  but the day of preparation for Passover. (58 pages)

Cover PentecostIs Pentecost Always on a Sunday? – shows that Pentecost is always on a seventh-day Sabbath, His special day to meet with His people . (31 pages)

Interpreting Hebrew Causative Verbs Permissively

by Troy Edwards. An important key to vindicate God’s character of love, righteousness, and holiness.

“Due to the lies and misrepresentations of God’s character that Satan has successfully spread over the past several centuries, it has been no easy task to vindicate God and to proclaim the truth that He is not the way that others have made Him out to be. One of the major challenges in overcoming false ideas about God is the language that the Word of God itself uses to describe God’s actions.”

Bible study (253 kb pdf; 11 p)

Facebook Groups

There are Facebook Groups focusing on discussions about God’s character. These are places where you can learn more, ask questions and contribute to the discussion. Here are two recommended groups:

Does the Christian God Destroy Sinners? was started in February 2015. It is a closed group with over 1500 members and is moderated by Sherlene Turner. Here is Sherlene’s introduction to the group:

“The Facebook group “Does the Christian God Destroy Sinners?” welcomes those who would like to discuss this question.  We don’t promote argument but appreciate open discussion.  We can’t tolerate personal attacks on our members, but we encourage theological and experiential discussion about the character of the Creator.   If these principles appeal to you, please feel welcome to request membership.  Most requests are processed very quickly.  Many of our members are former and current SDA members or Sabbath keepers, however there are people of different denominations also in the group which numbers 1500+.”

Discovering Truth About God–Bible and SoP Study Group is an open group with over 450 members. The group is administered by Kevin Straub and Sharon Toombs. This will be of more interest to those with Seventh-day Adventist connections as the writings of SDA pioneers are freely referenced. Here is part of the description posted for the group:

“This is a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study group for people who believe in the inspiration of the Bible and in the gift of Ellen G White. … The subject is focused: THE CHARACTER OF GOD and how He deals with sin and sinners in His conduct of the great controversy. The questions about God and how He relates to and “employs” violence in the light of Jesus’ revelation of God, as the complete picture of God, are the subjects of most of the discussion that takes place in this arena. We welcome all posts that are in line with the theme of the group. Bring Bible stories and issues that have puzzled you. Please do not be offended if you make an off-topic post and it is removed, with or without comment or notice. People have come to appreciate the kind of group that is managed well and especially where everyone is courteous and kind. …”

Follow the links above to access these groups on Facebook.


I am working on developing a series of tri-fold tracts that can easily be printed, folded and shared.

Tract 1The first covers the law and how it has been understood in two different ways resulting in two ways to understand the gospel. Here is how it starts:

Paul warned of the danger of another gospel that would deceive and draw people away from the original good news as the Word presents it and as Jesus lived and taught. Paul wrote:

“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ  unto another gospel:” (Gal 1:6)

We think perhaps of the danger of another gospel, a false gospel, in the last days but what if it has already been here for hundreds of years? Paul observed – so it must have been in his day – “that ye are so soon removed … unto another gospel.”

Download it here: Two Ways to Understand the Gospel  (274 kb pdf)

Also available as a longer, more-detailed webpage or as a video.


Ray Foucher

A Wall of Protection (56 min) – the real role of God’s law
God’s law of love is designed for our protection. The various rules serve as diagnostic tools to show the condition of our heart. God may change the rules to meet our circumstances. View at the Definition of Law page or on YouTube

Ananias and Sapphira (22 min)
It is a serious thing to falsely charge someone with taking the life of another. There is actually no evidence in the Bible that God killed Ananias and Sapphira. View at the Who Killed Ananias and Sapphira page or on YouTube

Two Models of the Gospel (11 min)
Understanding the law of God is fundamental to correctly understanding the gospel. This illustrated study makes the law easily understood as it relates to the gospel models. View at the Two Models of the Gospel page or on YouTube

Zechariah  14:12 (16 min) – their flesh consumes away
“Their flesh shall consume away” etc will be literally fulfilled but not in the way most people think.
View at the Zechariah 14 page or on YouTube

The Lake of Fire and the Second Death (57 min; starts with 90-sec preview)
This video explains what will really happen in the Lake of Fire which Revelation 21:8 says is the Second Death. It is important to understand that it is an event and not a place. God is not going to roast anyone alive, although there is a sense in which the experience will be worse than that.

Here is a video interview of myself being interviewed by Marilyn Campbell, author of Light on the Dark Side of God.

Greg Boyd

Something Else Must be Going On (7 min) – Greg asks and answers a very important question that everyone needs to consider in relation to the character of God.

Adrian Ebens

Agape – A Revelation of the Father’s Love (14 min) – The first in a series of short videos revealing the love of God.

Links to further videos in the Agape series (On YouTube) are available below:

How Do You Read? #2 How Do You Read?
The Death of the Cross #3  The Death of the Cross
My Beloved Son #4 My Beloved Son
Love Your Enemies #5 Love Your Enemies
Fire From Heaven #6 Fire From Heaven
Harden Not Your Hearts #7 Harden Not Your Hearts
Why Command Stoning? #8 Why Command Stoning?
The Law as a Mirror #9 The Law as a Mirror
Putting the Fear of God in You #10 Putting the Fear of God into You
The Anger of the Lord #11 The Anger of the Lord
Putting the Sword in its Place #12 Putting the Sword in its Place
The Crown of Thorns #13 The Crown of Thorns
The Power of Death #14 The Power of Death
My Father's Commandments #15 My Father’s Commandments
Rich Man and Lazarus in the Mirror #16 Rich Man and Lazarus in the Mirror
Smiting Angels #17 Smiting Angels
Plain Statements #18 Plain Statements
Wounded by Our Transgressions #19 Wounded by Our Transgression
Serpent Exposed by the Cross #20 Serpent Exposed by the Cross
Everlasting Covenant and Ministration of Death #21 The Everlasting Covenant and the Ministration of Death
Moses the Meekest Man #22 Moses the Meekest Man
Elijah and the Final Frontier #23 Elijah and the Final Frontier
Abraham and the Abomination that Desolates #24 Abraham and the Abomination that Desolates

There is more good information revealing God’s character of love at the website Father of Love.

Timothy Jennings

The Book of Job –  A series of 14 studies (a few are by substitute teachers) into this book that is important to understand in relation to the character of God. Accompanying audio (mp3) and notes (PDF) files available. Some are especially good on how a correct understanding of God’s character impacts the gospel.

Other Collections of Resources

There are other websites with collections of  available resources: God Good Newsan extensive list of resources sorted by category with sources to purchase. Many are free to download, watch or listen to.

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