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Adrian Ebens

Contributors disclaimerAdrian EbensAdrian Ebens has a ministry (Maranatha Media) based in Australia and travels worldwide to speak about a God of love.

From his website’s about page:

“Adrian lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. He is blessed to have a wonderful wife Lorelle and two wonderful boys Michael and Daniel.

Adrian has served as a Christian minister for over twenty years and has encountered the terrible struggle many people have with self-worth issues.

At the age of 17 he came to a cross roads in life and during this time encountered the power of the cross and had a complete transformation of direction. His passion is to share his experience with Christ and what he has learned along the way.”

I was privileged to hear Adrian Ebens speak in person and meet him in my area on his travels. He is very personable and caring about people and especially wants to share about his heavenly Father with them. I consider Adrian to be one of the foremost proponents of the truth about the character of God. He has written and spoken of aspects of this truth that I have not heard from anyone else.

In January 2018 he started a new website http://fatheroflove.info/ “that will be focused on the character of God and the love of our Father as expressed through the family.”

Adrian is also the author of the book Agape A Revelation of the Father’s Character of Love which is available on this website – see the right column. He also has an excellent series of short videos revealing the love of God. The first one can be viewed on this site at the resources page.

Eben has an extensive website available in several languages. If you go to http://maranathamedia.com/category/view/character-of-god you will find his material on the character of God. There is a contact form on that website.