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Timothy Jennings

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Timothy Jennings, M.D. obtained his M.D. degree in 1990 from the University Of Tennessee College Of Medicine. He is board certified in psychiatry and is licensed to practice medicine in TN and GA. He has many other professional qualifications and is a member of several medical associations.

He founded Come and Reason Ministries in 2010 to focus on making God’s methods and principles practical, understandable, and applicable. Their mission includes working with God to help bring truth, love, and healing to all who are seeking to know and understand their Creator.

Dr. Jennings explains that the two antagonistic principles at war in this universe are:

“I love you so much that I will do everything in my power to promote and help you get ahead, including die, so that YOU can live.”


“I love myself so much that I will do anything in my power to promote and help me get ahead, including kill you, so that I can live.”

These opposing principles are explained more in material on his website and in the book The The God-Shaped BrainGod-Shaped Brain.

In this book, Dr. Timothy Jennings introduces readers to the integrative, evidence-based approach of understanding scripture. This method harmonizes scripture, science, and experience. He presents the Great Controversy over God’s character and contrasts the two views of His law, documenting the impact each view has upon neuro-development, mental health, and physical and relationship health. He presents a complete atonement model explaining why Christ had to die and answers questions, contrasting the various views about our origins, judgment, punishment, and God’s wrath, identifying which one can heal any kind of person.

The Remedy New TestamentDr. Jennings has a developed a very useful Bible-study tool, an expanded paraphrase of the New Testament titled The Remedy. It helps to bring out an understanding of the healing model of the gospel. Access it online directly by clicking on  the image to the right. Note that this is the first edition. An updated second edition is also available in hard copy from his website.

There is much more including many free videos available at his website: www.comeandreason.com Contact information is on the website.