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Will America Survive? This is becoming a question in more and more minds as the debt rises, the crises mount and the divisions widen.

History is littered with the wrecks of grand civilizations. Many believe America has reached, perhaps surpassed, the zenith of her greatness – that she is destined to become a second-rate world power.

Millions more believe American is on the brink of economic and moral ruin, and may lead the world into nuclear Armageddon, attempting to hold her position of power and prestige.

Here are fascinating predictions about America, and surprising conclusions about what the future may hold.

Note that this book has been published under a variety of other titles. Originally titled The Great Controversy, it has also been titled America in Prophecy. As I have a limited supply, I am asking (at least for now) that if you already have a copy please leave this limited supply for those who most need it. You will receive a confirmation email that you will need to respond to in order to confirm your address and interest.

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