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In the Heart of the Earth

The Secret Code that Reveals What is in the Heart of God

On what day was Jesus really raised from the dead?

This study of Matthew 12:39-40 and related texts gives absolute proof that Jesus was raised on the Sabbath (the last day of the week) not Sunday. His time in “the heart of the earth” (misunderstood to mean the grave) is the greatest sign we have been given of God’s other-centered character.

Note that this is the third edition (March, 2022).

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From the back cover:

In the Heart of the Earth

 the Secret Code that Reveals
What is in the Heart of God

Has a secret code been hidden
“in the heart of the earth” for centuries –
a code that unlocks what is
“in the heart of God” towards you?

Here is perhaps the ultimate secret code. Dark forces have worked for centuries and are still trying to keep these secrets hidden. This book uses the Bible itself to decipher some key phrases and discover their deepest meaning. Uncovered are gems of truth that you may not read of anywhere else. You will learn some amazing answers to questions regarding Jesus’ resurrection:

Three Days and Three Nights – When did Jesus Himself say this period would start?  Was it literally three days and three nights as He said?  When did it end?  Biblical clues point to a much different answer than tradition suggests.

In the Heart of the Earth – Just where was this located?  The answer, from the Bible itself, is surprising and not what most have understood. The phrase will take on a much greater and personal significance for you.

He Saw and Believed – What did John see in the tomb to convince him Jesus had been raised when shortly before he understood grave robbers had been there first?  Something unique about the grave clothes convinced him of the resurrection.

His Resurrection on the Lord’s Day – Did the event of Jesus’ Resurrection occur on His day – the seventh-day Sabbath (Matthew 12:8)?  What are the implications for Sunday sacredness?

The Heart of the Matter – How far will God go in allowing us to have the desire of our hearts?  Does He always allow us to have our free will?  Ponder the most important questions about how the significance of “in the heart of the earth” applies to you personally.

Taking the Word of God as the final authority and using it as its own interpreter, the author explains that there is much more involved in the timing of the resurrection and a correct understanding of Matthew Chapter 12 than has been previously understood.