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Bobby Kalua

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Bobby Kalua grew up in Berrien Springs Michigan and graduated from Andrews Academy in 1986 with a deep desire to find a way to be a real disciple of Jesus and to find freedom from sinful desires and the life and thinking of a Pharisee. God brought into his focus a view of God’s character and love through the justice and mercy of God as revealed in the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Now, after studying it for over 30 years, his favorite activity is to help others look to the cross and see the love of the Father shining there. “The matchless love of God, for a world that did not love Him.”

Bobby’s website is www.projectword.net where he asks “What is God Like?” To answer that, his site has a blog and a number of video presentations. He lives in Washington State and is willing to travel to present his meeting series in person. Topics, among others, include:

  • The Heart of God
  • Resolving Conflict
  • The Gospel in the 3 Angels’ Messages
  • Spiritual Fitness and the Wine of Babylon

His ministry also supports Gospel evangelism in Bangladesh. Contact information for Bobby Kalua is on his website.