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Herb Montgomery

Contributors disclaimerHerb MontgomeryHerb Montgomery began his journey as a teenager when he discovered a series of “Bible studies” about the end of the world while rummaging around in his grandmother’s attic. Through these lessons, Herb entered what he calls a very fear-based, performance oriented, outward focused, “legal” religious experience. Two years after this beginning, Herb encountered the teachings of Jesus for the very first time. Today, Herb has little interest in most things religious. He endeavors now to simply be a follower of Jesus. “It’s about a person, not a religion,” Herb says.

Herb is an author, internationally recognized speaker, and the director of Renewed Heart Ministries in West Virginia. Herb really does have an unusual gift for taking very complex concepts and making them simple enough for everyone to understand and appreciate. Herb has spoken to audiences which range from the intellectual criticism of Princeton University to audiences found in small rural churches.

Finding the FatherHerb was part of the Good News tours that resulted in the book Servant God and is author of one of the chapters. He also wrote the book Finding the Father in which he addresses topics ranging from the atonement, the “why” of human suffering, as well as misunderstandings regarding God’s forgiveness and the destiny of humanity.

His explanation of the words translated as forgive, forgiveness etc inspired me to write the booklet I wrote on Biblical Forgiveness. Appreciate you Herb.

There is a contact form for Herb on his site: https://renewedheartministries.com/

Below is a video presentation by Herb on a most important topic – God’s Forgiveness (1 hr 3 min):