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David and Kelley Lorencin

Contributors disclaimerLorencinDavid and Kelley and Lorencin live in historic Battle Creek, Michigan. This is what they say about who they are:

“Hi! We are David & Kelley Lorencin, the co-founders of Genesis Road,  a non-profit organization with a passion for worship. Actually, that’s putting it mildly. We’re a little nuts about God.”

“Nuts about God”! Anyone would become like that when they understand God as He truly is.

Here is how they describe their core belief:

“God is the only journey. There is nothing more exciting in this life than to learn more about Him, our great Creator and Friend, and we are personally in a constant pursuit of Him. When we take this journey seriously, it will necessarily affect every aspect of our lives — especially our worship. To see a bit of our own journey, check out our GOD BLOG page, which is an archive of a three-and-a-half year trip through the Bible, one chapter at a time.”

I have found their God Blog to be quite informative and keep it handy as a reference as there are comments about every chapter of the Bible. Access it at their website: http://www.genesisroad.com

David wrote a very good article about justice, explaining it from a Biblical viewpoint. With his permission, I have posted it here.