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Elliot Douglin

Contributors disclaimerElliot Douglin

Dr. Elliot O. Douglin is  part of the Truth for the Final Generation ministry.

From his website:

“Through the final generation of true believers, God will fully reflect His character to the world. Is it not important, then, to correctly understand and fully experience the love and compassion shown in the true character of God? But how can we?

We can begin to understand God’s true character by allowing the Bible to interpret itself for us instead of using the long-standing method of men trying to interpret the Bible. The time has come when every belief we have, no matter how popular or wide-held it may be, must be thoroughly tested by Scriptural study. The only way of accurately accomplishing that goal is to let the Bible itself tell us, by allowing scripture to interpret scripture.

We need to know the truth, because the transformation of our own character can be no better than our understanding and conception of God’s character. If we have a faulty picture of the Divine Character, our own character will, in turn, be faulty.”

Best NewsHis website includes a variety of books, audios, videos – lots of information. Actually, one of the first books I (Ray Foucher, webmaster of this site) read on the character of God was this one by Elliot. And I would agree that God’s character is the best news in the universe. Along with a number of other books by Dr. Douglin, this one is available as a free download at http://www.tffgbarbados.com/books. Further information is available there about Elliot and the ministry.