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Jay Schulberg

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Jay Schulberg

From an early age, the author was inspired with an interest in spiritual reality. He clearly remembers the awe he felt when holding his new gift Bible received at Sunday school at the age of eight. That was the beginning of a long journey for him to a clearer picture of our gentle God. It was while reading his Bible as a teenager, that the author was given his first glimpse of God’s radical, other-centered love. That experience laid the foundation for the view of God he now cherishes as the everlasting gospel.

This early light on God’s character, presented a perplexing problem for him. The undistorted picture of a loving God given him in those early years didn’t harmonize with the prevailing religious environment. He felt he didn’t fit in with organized religion and being a highly-sensitive, introverted nonconformist didn’t help.

However, over the years he was willing to honestly and seriously consider and enthusiastically accept perspectives of Scriptural interpretation outside of the consistently inconsistent theological norm. Acts of Our Gentle God presents the author’s personal picture of God; one that harmonizes perfectly with his early study of the Bible.

The author has a love and appreciation for God’s creation, and enjoys the company of his four-footed and feathered friends. He participates in small group Bible studies. He lives with Julie (his wife of 47 years) in a Walden-inspired cabin in the boreal forest of northern Minnesota.

Acts Of Our Gentle God by Jay A. Schulberg

Acts of Our Gentle GodActs of Our Gentle God is an honest challenge to common misconceptions about God. The goal of the book is to arrive at the intersection where humane reason and compassionate intuition harmonize with God’s Word. This is a serious Bible study presented in a persuasive essay style, interspersed with numerous thoughtful questions.

The book tackles many of the hard questions sincere people often ask about God:

• Will God send people to hell to suffer for all eternity?
• Does God cause natural disasters to happen for some purpose?
• Why doesn’t God do something to prevent all the suffering in our world? Doesn’t he care?
• Did God really destroy the world with a worldwide flood?
• Why was God so angry in the Old Testament?
• Considering all of the calamities attributed to God in the Bible, can we trust him?
• Does God keep track of all our sins?
• Will God condemn us in a coming judgment?

Acts of Our Gentle God presents compelling evidence from the Bible to exonerate God of the charges that he is uncaring, judgmental, unfair, controlling, bad-tempered, or violent. The book demonstrates that the entire Bible, correctly understood, is in harmony with the definitive statement: “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

Acts of Our Gentle God also draws a clear picture of our God as the most other-centered, generous, caring, humble, and trustworthy Person in our universe. The book challenges popular theology, but does it in a non-confrontational, inclusive style. The names of individuals or specific organizations are not mentioned. Other than numerous scripture quotations, no references are used.

Finally, the author’s aim is to offer a short, easy to read book designed to push back the fog of the common, conflicted picture of God. The book is a seed sower of the everlasting gospel, and is meant to be read more than once.

Search on-line for Acts of Our Gentle God and you will find several sources.

An audio version of the book can be downloaded here.