Kevin Straub

Kevin and Nicola Straub are “4th Angel Publications” a home-based church and ministry, in association with “United Brethren in Christ” (UBC), a network of independent ministries in the advancing light of the Fourth Angel (Rev. 18:1-3). Their ministry demonstrates consistent theological ties to “Truth for the Final Generation” (Dr. Elliot O. Douglin). 4th Angel Publications has released a book, compiled by Kevin Straub, published by TEACH Services, Inc., “As He Is: Issues in the ‘Character of God’ Controversy” which represents the work of three authors. (see Living in the eastern hills of Saskatchewan border country, in Central Canada, Kevin and his family tend to summertime gardens, fall fire-wood harvesting, and year-round care of horses. Kevin works in his office writing during the winter and both of the Straubs go on occasional international teaching tours.

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