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February 10, 2023

This newsletter reports news from and additions to www.characterofgod.org since the last newsletter (November 6, 2022). Aside from additions listed herein, I am always making improvements to pages to make this website a valuable resource and hub of information about the character of God, the people who are foremost in promoting it and more.

 The Character of God and the Gospel Glossary

 This is a valuable resource to help understand terms that are understood differently between the Traditional Legal and the Biblical Healing models of the gospel.

 Pages added since the last newsletter:

Glossary Terms Link to Definition Page
Born again https://characterofgod.org/born-again/
Cross https://characterofgod.org/cross-definition/
Dominion https://characterofgod.org/dominion-definition/
Eternal, everlasting, forever https://characterofgod.org/eternal-everlasting-forever/
Fire https://characterofgod.org/biblical-meaning-of-fire/
Holy https://characterofgod.org/god-holy/
Sealing https://characterofgod.org/revelation-7-3-sealed/
Works https://characterofgod.org/works/


GlossaryNew (January 2023, second edition) of the glossary in PDF format

Download at: https://characterofgod.org/resources#glossary

Now with 100 terms and 391 pages, this is a valuable resource to help with the understanding of terms important for a correct understanding of the character of God and even the gospel itself. More terms to be added yet for a future edition.

Here are the terms in the glossary at present with links to entries:

accuser, advocate (with intercession), anger (with wrath), appease, arbitrary*, arrows, atonement, awe (with fear), Biblical Healing Model*, blood, blot, books/records, born again, breach, chastening of the Lord, command, condemnation, consequence-natural*, conscience, consumed, cross, curse, destroy/destruction, destroyer, discomfited, dominion, eternal/everlasting/forever, fear, fire, forgiveness, forsake, free will*, glory, gospel, guilt (with shame), hardened, hell, hiding the face, holy, hornets, intercession, intercessor, jealous God, judgment, just (a just man), just (God is just)justice, justification, justified (with justification), kill, kingdom of God, law, law-design*, law-imposed*, legalism*, lightning (with arrows)longsuffering, love, mark, mediator (with intercession), mercy, murder (with kill), name, of the Lord, overthrow, penal substitution,* perfection, price (with ransom), pricks (with discomfited), probation,* propitiation, punishment, ransom, recompense, reconciliation, redeemed (with ransom), remission, repentance, righteousness, sacrifice, sanctification, sanctuary, sealed, second death, sent (“the Lord sent”), shame, sin, sin (made to be), sinful flesh (with sin, made to be), sinner, smote, sovereign*, strange act, sword, torment, Traditional Legal Model*, vengeance, visit, works, wrath

*Supplementary terms, (not actually in the Bible, KJV)
Terms included with another indicated by: “(with …)”

Terms yet to be added (and probably more) as studies and editing is done:

 believe/faith/trust, converted, covenants, cut off, destroying angel, dispensation*, imparted/imputed, omniscience*, salvation, scapegoat, stoning, surely die, tithing, worship

New Contributor

Tony Milekic (Queensland, Australia) https://characterofgod.org/tony-milekic/


We are working to post more videos on YouTube. The YouTube channel connected to this website is: https://youtube.com/@characterofGodvideos

Here are some of the videos posted. These are not edited but are just recordings of our weekly group studies via Zoom. Many of our studies discuss Biblical terms which is part of the process of preparing to add them to the glossary.

Book Distribution

We have been able to have books printed in Kenya for a good price which also greatly reduces the cost of mailing copies to the many interests in that country. We have a good contact in Kenya who is distributing books. He is also presently working on translating the booklet Biblical Forgiveness into Ekegusii, a Kenyan language. The booklet The Lake of Fire and the Second Death is now available in Kiswahili, another language in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The Biblical Forgiveness booklet is now available in Chinese and we have other translations in the works.

We did lose our connection in the United States for printing books there and hope to make another arrangement as most requests come from the US. Files are available so that people can have books printed in bulk locally which is not expensive. It is just a matter of finding a printer with an acceptable cost, email them the files and pick up and pay for the books. The greatest cost in book distribution is often the mailing.

 Hundreds of books have been sent all over the world to people who have requested them via the website. If you want extra copies to share, let me know and we will try to help.

Website Traffic

Here is a picture of the increase in traffic to https://characterofGod.org over the past 13 months:

Praise God, we are reaching more people and receiving more book requests, comments, questions and testimonies of blessings received. Eyes are being opened.

Previous Newsletters

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For more good spiritual material, please see my other website https://www.jesus-resurrection.info/ which was started to share about the timing of Jesus’ resurrection but also includes many other items of interest (well over 600 pages) There is also a quarterly newsletter available there highlighting current events that point to a soon Second Coming.


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