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November 6, 2022

 It has been a long time since the last newsletter (July 8) and not many pages have been added to the website but that is because I was working on a very significant study which does very much relate to the character-of-God message as I will explain.

Also, very busy with yard and garden work but that is slowing down now (largely due to an unseasonable 7.5-inch snowfall on Friday and possibly as much to come today and tomorrow) so watch for more new content. Before getting to the new pages added etc. I want to draw your attention to the following:

The COP 27 climate conference begins today in Egypt. Many Bible students expect efforts to deal with “climate change” to make a way to introduce Sunday laws (as in Green Sundays – one day a week with travel and other restrictions to reduce emissions). Sundays, because that day is popularly viewed as a day of rest with that reasoning based on the belief that Jesus’ resurrection was on a Sunday.

Surprisingly, upon careful examination, the Biblical evidence for a seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath resurrection (rather than Sunday) is quite compelling. If, in fact, the resurrection was on a seventh-day Sabbath, there goes the basis for claims of Sunday sacredness. Can you see how this would be of the utmost importance?

Messing with the understanding of the timing of the resurrection has a long history as Satan has worked hard to chip away at God’s law, especially the fourth (Sabbath) commandment which points to God as the Creator.

Jesus’ Resurrection was on the seventh-day Sabbath not on a Sunday

This study (In the Heart of the Earth: the Secret Code that Reveals What is in the Heart of God) has been revised this year but there is yet more evidence that I would like to present. The most recent edition of the full study is available here: https://characterofgod.org/resources#heart. It shows how understanding of the timing has been affected by translation issues involving the words/terms:

  • Heart
  • Earth
  • First day of the week
  • Various mistranslation issues in numerous verses

Further study has confirmed that, Biblically, the feast of Pentecost as well was on a seventh-day Sabbath. This, along with new information, not yet incorporated into the book, is explained in a supplement to the study available here: https://characterofgod.org/resources#heart

For those who observe the Biblical feast of Pentecost, this is significant because it puts that feast on the Sabbath rather than on a Sunday.

The last chapter of the book makes a powerful connection to the character of God. One that gives the ultimate sign of how God deals with us and is a great revelation of His character.

Now let’s get back to additions to www.characterofgod.org since the last newsletter (July 2022). Aside from additions to the site listed below, I am always making improvements to pages to make this website a valuable resource and a hub of information about the character of God, the people who are foremost in promoting it and more.

New Pages

Here are the new definition/word study pages added to the glossary:


The Character of God and the Gospel Glossary

The glossary is a collection of detailed definitions/studies for over 90 words/terms that, to varying degrees, are misunderstood in relation to the character of God and even the gospel.

Entries are several pages each and include definitions according to both the Traditional Legal Model and Biblical Healing Model of the gospel, dictionary definitions and, especially, analysis of how the Bible itself uses the words in context. To understand the message of the Bible you need to know the meaning of the words as the Bible uses them. And the best way to get that understanding is to allow the Bible to be its own dictionary.

The glossary continues to grow. Below is the current list of terms included (showing as links) and yet to be added (plain text):

accuser, advocate (with intercession), anger (with wrath), appease, arrows, atonement, awe (with fear) believe/faith/trust, blood, blot, book/records, born again, breach, chastening of the Lord, command, condemnation, conscience, consumed, covenants, cross, curse, destroy/destruction, destroyer, discomfited, dominion (with curse), eternal/everlasting/forever, fear, fire, forgiveness, forsake, glory, gospel, guilt (with shame), hardened, hell, hiding the face, hornets, intercession, intercessor, jealousy God, it is of the Lord, judgment, just (a just man), just (God is just)justice, justification, justified (with justification), kill, kingdom of God, law, lightning (with arrows)longsuffering, love, mark, mediator (with intercession), mercy, murder (with kill), name, of the Lord, overthrow, perfection, price (with ransom), pricks (with discomfited), probation, propitiation, punishment, ransom, recompense, reconciliation, redeemed (with ransom), remission, repentance, righteousness, sacrifice, salvation,  sanctification, sanctuary, sealed, second death, sent (“the Lord sent”), shame, sin, sin (made to be), sinful flesh (with sin, made to be), sinner, smote, strange act, sword, torment, vengeance, visit, works, worship, wrath

*Links to another term where definition/discussion is included.
Words not showing as links are not yet added to the glossary.

Also, there are definitions for supplementary terms (that do not appear in the Bible):

arbitrary, Biblical Healing Model, consequence-natural, law-design, law-imposed, legalism, penal substitution, Traditional Legal Model.

The glossary is available as a single PDF file which can be downloaded from the Resources page https://characterofgod.org/resources#glossary. However, a number terms available on the website have not yet been added to that file.


There are a number of books offered free of charge (even postage is paid) at the resources page. Thank you to those who have generously donated to help others receive books. Please don’t feel you need to donate in order to request a book -the truth of God’s character needs to go out.

Final Message

The Final Message of Mercy to the World

This nicely-Illustrated free booklet by Dr. Tim Jennings relates the message of the three angels of Revelation chapter 14 to the end of the world.  The law of God and His justice are well-explained. It has been added to the resources page. It can be downloaded as a free PDF file.



My booklet The Lake of Fire and the Second Death is available in hardcopy. It is only 44 pages and an easy and interesting read.  I mail free copies on request. Now also available in Spanish and two other languages (e-book only). It can also be downloaded instantly at: https://characterofgod.org/resources#lake-of-fire

From the Back Cover:

To Bible readers concerned about Revelation’s Lake of Fire, this study will come as a relief. Why? Because, contrary to popular belief, that final judgment scene is not about a physical fire burning forever.

However, it will be a painful experience – mentally and emotionally. Billions of people will face their own wrong choices and the ultimate choice to not trust in God. With the realization of eternity lost, the degree of regret will be beyond measure. Along with guilt and shame as figurative coals of fire on their heads coming from within themselves, it will literally be enough to crush out their lives in the Second Death.


Will America Survive?

Will America Survive? This still-free book offer may be of particular interest to those in the U.S. as it is going through difficult times. Request at: https://characterofgod.org/will-america-survive/

“Will America Survive?” is becoming a question in more and more minds as the debt rises, the crises mount and the divisions widen. From the back cover:

History is littered with the wrecks of grand civilizations. Many believe America has reached, perhaps surpassed, the zenith of her greatness – that she is destined to become a second-rate world power.

Millions more believe American is on the brink of economic and moral ruin, and may lead the world into nuclear Armageddon, attempting to hold her position of power and prestige.

Here are fascinating predictions about America, and surprising conclusions about what the future may hold.


This book is not so much about the character of God but it is very important considering the time and circumstances we find ourselves in. It gives the historical background that helps to make sense of events in the world and especially in the United States at present.

 Previous Newsletters

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