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July 7, 2021

This newsletter reports news from and additions to www.characterofgod.org since the last newsletter (March 2021). Aside from additions to the site listed herein, I am always making improvements to pages to make this website a valuable resource and a hub of information about the character of God, the people who are foremost in promoting it and more.

Pages Added Since the Last Newsletter

Since the last newsletter (sent March 25) I have added only one more page in March to discuss this rather strange-sounding verse: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” (Matt 10:34)

Then it seems little activity until the last few days. You might think I have taken a long holiday but, in reality, I have been working hard on another project:

In the Heart of the Earth

I have been revising a book first published in 2009 – In the Heart of the Earth: The Secret Code That Reveals What Is In the Heart of God. New information has come to light and I have made many small improvements to strengthen the case for its conclusion. In brief summary:

  • It is a detailed look at the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection and especially the timing of the resurrection.
  • It closely analyses Matthew 12 about the sign of Jonah and the three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
  • The book examines many Biblical words by seeing how the Bible itself defines and uses those words.
  • Evidence is given that the Greek word “kardia” (translated as “heart”) is never used for the middle or center of anything.
  • It also shows that the word “ge” (translated as “earth”) can mean the people of the earth.
  • It also shows that the phrase “first day of the week,” used in connection with the resurrection, is badly translated.
  • Evidence is given that the resurrection happened very early on Friday evening, basically at the start of the Sabbath.
  • This is significant for several reason, the most consequential being the cancelling of the basis for claims of Sunday sacredness.
  • Also, the sign (“there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas”) turns out to be very significant indeed in relation to the character of God.

At almost 200-pages it is more than a short read but I would encourage everyone to download and read it. Even if you can’t read it right away, it is going to become an issue in the future.

A supplemental page is Out of the Abundance of the Heart

Our weekly study group has continued doing studies on words to be added to The Character of God and the Gospel Glossary I just have not taken the time to edit those studies and post the pages.

It currently has detailed definitions for 34 terms with 30 more on the list to complete so I am a little over half way – except more terms keep coming up that seem to need definitions for a better understanding within the paradigm of the Biblical Healing Model of the Gospel. The whole list of terms appears on the main glossary page and below showing:

Terms posted on site                     34
not yet edited/posted                    12
terms yet to be done                      22
Total                                             68

accuser, appease, atonement, believe, blood, blot, books/records, character, chasten, condemnation, conscience, covenants, curse, debt, destroy/destruction, destroyer, dominion, faith, fear, fire, forgiveness, forsake, glory, gospel, guilt, hardened, hiding the face, imputed,  intercession, intercessor, jealousy, judgment, just (a just man), just (God is just), justice, justification/justified, kill/murder, law, longsuffering,  love, mark, mercy, name, omniscience, perfection, pricks, probation, propitiation, punishment, recompense, reconciliation, remission, righteousness, sacrifice, sanctification, sanctuary, second death, sent, shame, sin, sin (made to be), sinner, smote, sword, vengeance, visit, worship, wrath/anger


There are a number of books offered free of charge (even postage is paid) at the resources page. Thank you to those who have generously donated to help others receive books. Please don’t feel you need to donate in order to request a book -the truth of God’s character needs to go out.

My revised booklet The Lake of Fire and the Second Death is now available in hardcopy. It is only 44 pages and an easy and interesting read.  I mail copies on request. It can also be downloaded instantly at: https://characterofgod.org/resources#lake-of-fire

From the Back Cover:
To Bible readers concerned about Revelation’s Lake of Fire, this study will come as a relief. Why? Because, contrary to popular belief, that final judgment scene is not about a physical fire burning forever.However, it will be a painful experience – mentally and emotionally. Billions of people will face their own wrong choices and the ultimate choice to not trust in God. With the realization of eternity lost, the degree of regret will be beyond measure. Along with guilt and shame as figurative coals of fire on their heads coming from within themselves, it will literally be enough to crush out their lives in the Second Death.

Here is something interesting from the book that relates to how the lost will finally perish in the Second Death. The letters “yod” and “hey” removed from the Hebrew words for “man” and “woman” respectively, when combined as yod-hey, make the word “Yah,” the poetic form of God’s name.

Hebrew for man

Identity WarsIdentity Wars

I am providing a link (below) to request the book Identity Wars by Adrian Ebens. This is a very good book showing that our value comes not from our performance but from our identity as sons and daughters of God. Our lives are bombarded with a constant drone of messages telling us that success only comes from proving that we have what it takes, that we are only valuable when we achieve and perform. Discover true freedom, true value and worth. It will change your life. Available as an audio book and in 24 languages, 110 pages Download here.

Previous Newsletters

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My Other Website/Newsletter

For more good spiritual material, please see my other website https://www.jesus-resurrection.info/ started to share about the timing of Jesus’ resurrection but as including many other items of interest (well over 600 pages) There is also a quarterly newsletter available there highlighting current events that point to a soon Second Coming. Another issue coming very soon.


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