Biblical Examples

This page links to pages that list Biblical (and other) examples related to character-of-God topics.

  • God Takes the Blame – scriptures where God says “I did it” and evidence that He clearly did not directly (Satan is the Destroyer)  – and why.
  • God Meets People Where They Are – At times He gives people what they want (accommodates their needs and sometimes their desires) even when not the best for them – and why.
  • Jesus as a Picture of His Father – can we see “Like Father, like Son” in the Godhead? Is the Father just like gentle Jesus?
  • The sin-wrath-God leaving-consequences pattern – a common sequence of events in occurrences of God’s “wrath.”
  • Satan is the Destroyer – if God doesn’t protect, Satan will destroy; he is responsible for death and destruction.
  • Sin Brings About its Own Destruction – Bible verses indicating that sin results in or brings about its own punishment.
  • The Permissive Idiom – Bible students 100 or more years ago well understood the Bible’s idiomatic expression of God saying He did what He merely allowed.


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