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The Principles and Language of Heaven

Series introduction – The language of heaven (what we read in the Bible) must, of necessity, follow the principles of heaven. Knowing what those principles are can help to understand scripture. They are all, of course, ultimately based on the fact that God is love. The principles listed and linked to below will greatly help to understand scripture, especially in relation to the character of God. Indeed, they are vital.

  1. Love cannot be forced. God, being a gentleman, does not impose Himself on others. This is perhaps the greatest principle of heaven because love must be given freely, without coercion, or it is not love.
  1. Love takes responsibility. God often takes the blame, saying He did what He didn’t prevent. In love, God created the whole universe. Ultimately, He is responsible for everything that exists.
  1. Love wants to share. God often gives people what they want even if less than ideal. True agape love always seeks the good of others; it is other-centered rather than self-centered.
  1. Love allows for growth. God takes each person’s unique situation and experience into account. Just as we do with children, God takes into account our state of knowledge and development.
  1. Love respects others. God respects even the different wishes and opinions of others. Even though He is the Sovereign of the universe, God is willing to share in the decision making.
  1. Love keeps no record of wrongs. God does not say “I’ll remember that” with the intent of getting even with us for our sins. Omniscience does not forget but neither does it hold grudges.
  1. Love seeks to be understood. God, in His word, often used metaphors when communicating truth. -TO BE ADDED
  1. Love minimizes wrongs. God (in Jesus) often used parables when speaking in public. – TO BE ADDED

Examples of these principles can be seen on the Biblical examples pages.

Two Models of the Gospel

A series of studies comparing various aspects of the gospel compared within two different models. These can be understood as the Traditional legal Model and The Biblical Healing Model (Admittedly, I have introduced some bias in so naming them).

1. The Law correctly understanding the role and function of God’s law is fundamental to understanding the gospel itself.

Other Articles

The Bible is its own dictionary -It is important to understand the meanings of words as the Bible itself uses them rather than as they are defined in man-made dictionaries (as useful are those are).

King David and the Wars of Israel – An illustration of the accommodation principle.

Interpreting Scripture – many errors in understanding God’s character result from missing important principles of Biblical interpretation

Guest Articles

The Law of the SwordEmmanuel Eshun – He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.

Rules of InterpretationWilliam Miller – 14 rules from the 18th century.

JusticeDavid Lorencin “Justice is fairness in your behavior or in the way that people are treated.”

Witnesses for GodEllet J. Waggoner In the late 1800s Ellet had an understanding of the character of God.

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