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About Contributors to www.characterofGod.org

The purpose of this website is to both spread information about the true understanding of the character of God and to help others spread that information. This message needs to be spread throughout Christendom and the whole world. The prophet Habakkuk had a vision which may have an end-time application:

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab 2:14)

I believe that those (from any background of denomination or belief) who see God as the good, forgiving, merciful God that He is can learn from each other to further their understanding and be equipped to spread this message. To that end I am trying to make this site inclusive of contributors with a variety of backgrounds. While my own background is Seventh-day Adventist (who have played a large role in trying to understand the big picture in regards to the character of God) I am trying to reach out to others.

For example, one such person that I have especially connected with is Troy Edwards who is senior pastor at Christ’s Victory Bible Teaching Center which is a Charismatic/Full-Gospel Church in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He has beliefs that differ from mine but we both share a love for and understanding of the God we serve. I would like to share a recent email from him that exemplifies the relationship I am speaking about and the attitude I am hoping will unite the promoters of the truth of God’s character. If we would all first seek to know Him, He will then surely lead us into unity on those points where we might presently have different understandings.

Here is Troy’s message:

“Ray … while I may not be a fan of the idea among some SDAs that every doctrine must be proven by quoting Mrs. White, I do acknowledge my debt to those like yourself, Elliot Douglin, Fred Wright and others for helping me further along in what was an over 30 year research project concerning the understanding of Bible passages that did not reconcile with what we believe is the nature of a loving God. For that, you guys will always have my love, support, and friendship as long as you want it. Furthermore, your acceptance of me and my writings have meant much to me.

I have never been one to let what I believe are minor disagreements, keep me from learning and gaining from others. I have read books and listened to teachings by Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals (of different varieties), and others. I have gained from them all. Over the past six or more years, I have probably read much more SDA literature than that of even my own circles. I have benefited immensely from it. I may not agree with EVERYTHING I read, but I have learned much more about God’s character of love from your circles than I have from many others.

Also, … I am definitely interested in Fifield’s writings but can’t get to them from the computer I am on right now. I will try again later. You are doing a great job with this site. I visit at least once every week or two to see if there is anything new.

Finally, working on a “Noah” project in which I want to show God’s loving nature in the flood. A friend who has been reading my books asked me if I can do a video series to specifically address Noah and the flood. Hopefully, my SDA friends, at least those who hold to the “Character of God” message, can benefit from it as well. Be blessed my friend.”

Thank you, my friend Troy, for those words. May God richly bless your ministry and your efforts.

In my experience, sharing a common understanding of what God is like is much more of a uniting factor than sharing a common belief about something like the timing of the millennium or the identity of Michael the archangel.

My prayer is that all those who are promoting this message – the good news about God – will learn from each other and support each other in this task of filling the Earth with the knowledge of the glory (character) of God. That is the goal of this website and your support and cooperation is much appreciated. Please help me to connect with others and to each of you – keep up the good work.

As a further example of this cooperation, I recently heard an audio of a message by a Seventh-day Adventist – Saul Leacock – being presented in Troy’s church. I enjoyed the message (The Gospel of Noah) with some unique insights and am making it available for you. You will hear Troy’s enthusiastic responses in the background; he gets excited about his God – as we all should.