Biblical Events

An index of Biblical events or passages that are treated in detail.

Gen 6:13            Permissive or Causative?

The Passions of Elijah – a study of both:
1 Kings chapters 18-19 – Elijah Slays the Prophets of Baal
2 Kings chapter 1 – Elijah calls for Fire on the Captains of 50

Zech 14:12          Their Flesh Consumes Away

Luke 22:35-38   Let Him Buy a Sword (guest author)

Acts 5:1-10          Deaths of Ananias and Sapphira

Acts 12:23           Death of King Herod

1 Cor 13:5            Thinketh no Evil

Rev 6:16              Rocks, Fall on Us

Many other passages are dealt with briefly in the Biblical examples pages.

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